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Step 3: Connecting Touché (SE) and updating its firmware with Lié Standalone

Before using your Touché (SE) for the first time with Lié, you will probably have to perform a firmware update. It is important that Lié is granted a stable and exclusive USB connection to Touché (SE) for the update to succeed. This is why we recommend using the standalone version of Lié instead of a plug-in version when flashing the firmware.

  1. Connect your Touché (SE) to your computer, using the branded cable coming with the unit. Connect it directly, and don't use a USB hub in between, at least not while performing the firmware update. Make sure that Touché (SE) sits on a stable, horizontal surface and that you don't put pressure on its Touch-Plate.
  2. Launch the standalone application of Lié. To easily find it, hit the Windows key and type 'Lie' on a PC, or type 'Lie' in Spotlight Search on a Mac. Make sure that there is no DAW running in the background that could possibly block the USB connection. You will get shown a popup saying that the firmware on your device doesn't match the version of Lié, asking you to manually put your Touché into Bootloader Mode.
  3. Manually put your Touché to Bootloader Mode:
    • Unplug the unit.
    • Press and hold both Preset Buttons as well as the clickable Encoder.
    • While still holding the three buttons, replug the unit. All LEDs should glow pink now and you can release the buttons.
  4. Trigger the firmware update by clicking on "install firmware". Wait for the update to complete.

If you should face problems during the firmware update process, please follow the guidelines in this article: Fixing problems with updating Touché (SE)'s firmware.

If all went fine, you may proceed to...

Step 4: Scanning your VST plug-ins inside Lié Standalone

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