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Setting up Noisy in Lié

If you are a Touché owner, this section explains the necessary steps to make Noisy work inside Touché’s companion app Lié. Please disregard if using Noisy without Touché.

scan for the new plugin in lié

When you open Lié for the first time after the installation of Noisy, you will have to perform a new plugin scan in order to detect your new plugin. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Lié as a standalone application without a DAW opened in the background.

  2. Go to Menu and click on 'Plugin Manager'.

  3. You will see a list of all the VST instrument plug-ins currently detected by Lié.

Noisy should now appear as white entry in the list of plugins and is ready to be used inside Lié.

using the noisy presets for lié

The Lié presets for Noisy were added during Noisy’s installation. 

Search for ‘Noisy’ in the search bar, or use the instrument tag to show only Noisy presets. Double-click on the preset and play. 

The Expression modules from Layer 1 and 2 of Noisy and the two FX Expression macros are always mapped to the four axes on Touché. Sometimes, a vibrato mapping or other details are added in Slots 5 and 6. The reverb/delay wet/dry is pre-assigned to the last mapping slots, so you can control it directly with the slider in Lié without the need to open Instrument View.

troubleshooting: noisy red-listed in lié

If Noisy appears in red color, it probably has to do with a license activation issue during the scan. 

Ensuring the activation has worked fine

First, make sure that your license was activated correctly. Have a look at the last chapter and confirm that everything is alright inside iLok License Manager. When selecting your local computer on the left, you should find your license with status ‘activated’ on the right:

Force-scanning inside Lié

Once you know that there is no problem with the license, open Lié’s Plugin Manager from the menu.

Select the red-listed entry and choose Options -> 'Force-scan selected plug-in from list'.

Noisy should then appear as a normal item in the list, and you will be able to load the Lié presets made for it.

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