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Noisy preset browsers

main preset browser

To open the Main Preset Browser, click on the current preset name:

The Main Preset Browser gives access to the complete main preset library. You will find the included Factory presets alongside your personal User presets, once you created some.


  1. categories

The Factory Preset Library is sorted in different categories based on the preset type and playing style. You will find an additional User category gathering your own custom creations.

  1. presets

Shows all presets from the selected category. Presets within a category are sorted alphabetically.

loading a preset 


To load a preset:  

  1. click on the current preset’s name

  2. select a category

  3. select a preset by clicking on its name

saving a preset 

To save the current preset:  

  1. click on the SAVE icon

! Performing save on a preset will automatically update the current opened preset. Its former state will be erased and replaced by the current state of the preset.

You cannot overwrite the Factory presets. If ‘save’ is performed on a Factory preset, then it will automatically be stored in your User folder as a new preset.


saving as a new preset

To save the current state as a new preset :  

  1. click on the arrow next to the save icon

  2. click on the Save As label

  3. type your preset name in the dialog box

! When saving a preset under an existing name, a dialog box will give you the option to overwrite the previously saved preset.


managing user presets

All your saved presets will be automatically placed as individual files in the user folder. The user preset folder can be managed manually with macOS Finder or Windows Explorer by navigating to the following directory:



Windows 10:

This PC/Documents/ExpressiveE/Noisy/Presets

You are in fact able to freely move all preset files in this folder, as well as to create new folders there. It will be reflected in the dropdown menu of the browser. Just make sure to keep the ‘MainPresets’ and ‘LayerPresets’ as parent folders.

layer preset browser

To open the Layer Preset Browser, click on one of the layer’s preset names in the navigation bar:

The Layer Preset Browser behaves in the same way as the Main Preset Browser explained in the paragraphs above, but on a layer basis.

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