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connect osmose to your computer

When you connect Osmose to your computer, two USB MIDI ports will appear:

  1. external midi port

‘Osmose Play/Port 1’ [macOS] or ‘Osmose’ [Windows]

Sends data according to the configuration chosen in External MIDI Mode (MPE by default). Use this port to control any external synth.

  1.  haken port

‘Osmose Haken/Port 2’ [macOS] or ‘MIDIIN2/MIDIOUT2 (Osmose)’ [Windows]

Sends data of the internal synth engine in MPE+ format. Use this port to make the connection with the Haken Editor and to record performances using the internal engine in an external sequencer or DAW to replay or edit them.  

⚠️ By default, Osmose doesn’t send any data on the Haken port. This avoids receiving every message twice in applications that activate all recognized MIDI ports by default. You can activate the Haken Audio port in the Global Settings -> midi i/o -> haken usb mode.


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  • 03-Apr-2024