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calibration tab

The calibration tab of the global settings allows you to calibrate the pedals connected to pedal inputs 1 and 2 of Osmose as well as a manual calibration of individual keys, a key sensor reset, and a factory reset of all key calibration data.


pedal 1 / pedal 2 launch the calibration of the pedal inputs. For more details, see pedal calibration.

key calibration assistant allows the manual calibration of individual keys by moving them to their vertical, left, and right maximum positions. Use it to correct irregular behavior of single keys.

force sensors reset allows triggering the sensor calibration that usually happens during reboots without the need to switch off your unit. It can be useful to troubleshoot or analyze random errors with sensor recognition.

keys factory reset (for all keys) allows resetting all key calibration data to the factory state. This will undo any manual calibration done in the meantime. If you wish to only reset single keys to their factory state, use the key calibration assistant instead.

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  • 19-Jan-2024