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My Osmose crashes frequently

As of now (January 2024, firmware version 1.4.4), the Osmose firmware has a known bug that can cause Osmose to occasionally reboot after several hours of operation, even when the instrument is idle.

That said, if you encounter more frequent crashes, especially when saving user presets or using the arpeggiator, and the user interface seems sluggish, then it's well possible that either the Osmose operating system flash memory or the Haken DSP flash memory of your instrument was corrupted.

General recommendation in case of a crash

When Osmose crashes, it usually reboots automatically after a few seconds. Do not switch off the instrument while the system is still rebooting. Instead, wait until the automatic reboot is finished, then manually switch the instrument off and on again. This ensures a "clean boot" that involves re-initializing the Haken DSP card as well. It prevents the issue from getting worse by further user manipulations on a non-cleanly booted system.

If crashes happen more often, please try the following steps one after another:

Factory reset

  1. Press the Mode Button (small button in the upper left corner) to enter the Mode Selection Screen
  2. Press Value Encoder 4 (below the cog wheel ⚙️) to enter the global settings
  3. Go to the hardware tab and press the "factory reset" option. This won't affect your user presets, but it will initialize global settings, the default sensitivity, the arpeggiator presets, as well as the sensitivity and arpeggiator presets linked to the user presets (with the “save playing” option). Unfortunately, there is no way to back up this data with the preset system v1.


Reflash the Haken DSP firmware

  1. Make sure you have installed the latest version of OsmoseUpdater. It is part of the firmware download available in your account after registering your Osmose.
  2. Connect your Osmose via USB to your computer, using the original USB cable, and turn it on.
  3. Launch OsmoseUpdater and backup your user data via advanced mode -> backup user data.
  4. Make a Haken DSP firmware flash via advanced mode -> update haken firmware. It will erase the Haken DSP memory.
  5. Make a factory reset on the instrument itself: mode selection screen -> global settings ⚙️ -> hardware tab -> factory reset
  6. Restore your user data with OsmoseUpdater -> advanced mode -> restore user data.

More information on using OsmoseUpdater is available in the dedicated Osmose Firmware Update instructions.


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  • 13-Feb-2024