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I can't register my product

In order to register your Touché (SE) you have to enter your activation code. It is written in the brown brochure coming with the unit. Please enter the activation code under "Product Registration" within your Expressive E account. Use numbers only and no spaces or "-" in between the numbers.

If you don't have an activation code because you no longer have access to the printed quick start leaflet, then try to enter the serial itself. It is a letter followed by a string of numbers. It's printed on a sticket on the underside of the device as well as on its original box.

Should you have purchased a B stock or a used device and get a message saying your Touché is already registered, please contact our Commercial & Registration support here:

Please attach a copy of your invoice and include the activation code or serial you weren't able to register. We will initialize the registration of your hardware manually then.

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  • 08-May-2023