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How to use Hardware Presets (Touché only)


This article explains how to create your own Hardware Presets. Hardware Presets are only supported for owners of the classic Touché.


Setting up Touché with your hardware synth

To browse through all available Hardware Presets or to prepare the creation of your own Hardware Presets, please follow these steps:

1. Make sure that Touché is connected to your computer, and speaks to Lié (LEDs are white, Touché in Slave Mode).

2. Connect Touché's MIDI output to your synthesizer's MIDI input with a standard MIDI cable, using our 5-pin DIN to 1/8" jack adapter cable.

3. Should you want to use a control voltage output, connect up to 4 CV outputs to CV inputs on your synth or module.

Your synth has to be on the same MIDI channel as Touché (MIDI Channel 1 by default).
Receiving MIDI CC information could also be an option in your synth's menu that may not be activated by default. Check the manufacturer's manual and make sure this option is enabled.

Caution: Please make sure that you didn't coincidentally activate a MIDI output in your DAW or in your synth that eventually sends MIDI back to Touché. Depending on your setup, this could lead to an infinite loop of MIDI messages, where your DAW receives information from Touché and sends it back to Touché again, since Touché will always forward all MIDI data received both to its USB MIDI, as well as its MIDI output.

Templates vs. Pre-Mapped Presets

A list of Hardware Presets coming with Lié, as well as an explanation of the differences between Template Presets and Pre-Mapped Presets can be found here: Hardware Synth Presets explained

Working with Hardware Presets

Dial up a Hardware Pre-Mapped Preset and play with it

To load a hardware preset temporarily, just double click on its name in the browser. If Touché is connected to both Lié and your hardware synth, it should now be controlling your synth.

Create a new Hardware Preset in Lié

1.    Click on “NEW HARDWARE PRESET” in the Menu or select a Hardware Template.

2. Select the CV Page or the MIDI Page.

3. For one or several of the 8 Slots, choose the voltage or the CC  you wish to control by selecting it in the drop-down list.. If you select a “Template” preset, you will see that in the drop-down list, the CCs are renamed according to the real names of the parameters from the selected instrument.

4. Assign the chosen parameter to one of the four axes for each Slot you wish to use.    

5. Test the behaviour of your newly created preset, and adjust the min/max values and Curve of each Slot if needed.

6. Should you want to change the MIDI channel that the preset sends on, or define a program change message that is sent each time the preset is loaded, then you need to click on the Instrument View Button. A panel will pop up, letting you define MIDI channel, bank select MSB/LSB and the program change.

To find out which settings are expected by your hardware synth in order to point him to the right preset location matching the mapping you did, please refer to the synth's manual.

Once you are happy with your Preset, you can save it by clicking on “SAVE AS PRESET” in the Menu.

If you want to use the Hardware Preset without your Touché being plugged to a computer, learn here how to transfer it into Touché's internal memory.

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