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Setting up Touché/Lié in GarageBand

This article explains how to set up Touché or Touché SE to work within Apple GarageBand.

Scanning Lié inside GarageBand

GarageBand scans its default folder for AU plug-ins on every launch. This folder contains the file Lié.component. GarageBand doesn't feature a Plug-in Manager for configuring your plug-in database.

Enabling MIDI Input from Touché (SE)

When it comes to MIDI devices, GarageBand is fully integrated with the Audio MIDI Setup of macOS. This is why there is no need for an extra panel inside Logic, in order to activate the MIDI input of Touché (SE) manually.

For more information on the subject, read this external article from Apple: Set up MIDI devices using Audio MIDI Setup on Mac

Loading Lié in a track

  1. Add a new Software instrument Track
  2. Show Smart Control area by clicking on the Show/Hide Smart Controls button.
  3. Open the dropdown list of software instrument by clicking on the up/down arrow next to the instrument currently loaded.
  4. Find and click 'Lie'. It is listed under 'AU Instruments' -> 'Expressive'. Its user interface will open.
  5. Double-click on a preset in Lié's browser.
  6. You can now play notes on your keyboard and change the sound with Touché (SE).

Accessing automations recorded with Touché (SE)

The controller data coming from Touché (SE) and controlling the parameters in Lié will always be recorded as automation written inside and linked to the specific MIDI region.

  1. Double-click on the MIDI region that you recorded.
  2. In the lower zone, the Piano Roll editor will open
  3. Click the Show/Hide Automation button in the Piano Roll Editor menu bar to display the Controller Lane below.
  4. In the dropdown list below 'Controller', existent Automation will be present as 'Used' at the top level.
    • General #1
    • General #2
    • General #3
    • General #4

You can quickly step through the Automation Lanes with a dedicated button called 'Automation Cycle Through' button, directly next to the field where you choose the Controller.

For older versions of GarageBand, the feature of editing automation data within regions was still called "MIDI Draw" - read this external article from Apple: GarageBand for Mac: Edit controller information with MIDI Draw


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