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Setting up Arché in Logic Pro X

If you want to use Arché within your DAW without using our Touché companion app Lié, you will have to assign Arché’s Bow parameter to a control element on one of your MIDI controllers.

Load Lié on a new instrument track.

Click on the knob icon in order to display the Smart Control panel.

1. In Menu>Control Surfaces, click on Controller Assignments.
2. On the Controller Assignments panel, click on “Learn”.

Select the Bow parameter by clicking on the Bow knob, then move the control element you want to use on your MIDI Controller (a Modwheel, Knob, Fader, one of Touché’s dimensions of movement, or any other).

You are now controlling the Bow with your MIDI controller!

Note: You can also map all the other parameters of Arché’s interface (Vibrato, Level, etc.) to any MIDI controllers.

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  • 09-Jun-2019