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Arché isn't recognized by my DAW

If the activation window shown above doesn’t appear during the launch of your DAW, please try to create an instrument track with your new plug-in inside your DAW. If you can’t find your new plug-in in the plug-in list, head to the preferences of your DAW and rescan all your plug-ins manually.

For Windows users: Please be aware that the VST plug-in’s *.dll will always be placed in C:\Program Files\Vstplugins. You want to make sure that this folder is part of the folders that are scanned by your DAW. Alternatively, use Windows Explorer to move ArcheViolin.dll, ArcheViola.dll and/or ArcheCello.dll to the folder that you normally use for 64-bit VST2 plug-ins.

If you have canceled the activation routine by clicking on QUIT in the activation window, it could lead to your plug-in being blacklisted by your DAW. You will have to FORCE SCAN your plug-in to be able to access the activation window once again.

How to FORCE SCAN in some popular DAWs:

  • In Ableton Live, go to Preferences -> Plug-ins. Hold the ‘Alt’ key while clicking on the ‘Scan’ button.
  • In Logic Pro, choose ‘Reset & Rescan Selection’ after selecting the entry in its Plug-in Manager.
  • In Cubase, select the entry in the blacklist tab of Plugin Manager and choose ‘Reactivate’ or click the refresh button with the circling arrows.
  • In Reason, go to Windows -> Manage plugins. Choose the entry and select ‘enable’. Relaunch Reason after this.
  • In Bitwig Studio, go to Settings -> Plug-ins -> ‘Show plug-in errors’. Choose ‘Rescan all’ in the window that pops up to give it another try.
  • In Studio One, go to Options -> Locations -> VST Plug-Ins and click on ‘Reset Blocklist’. Make sure ‘Scan at startup’ is activated. Relaunch Studio One after this.
  • In Reaper, go to Preferences -> Plug-ins -> VST and click on ‘Clear cache/re-scan’.
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  • 31-Mar-2021