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Arché's possible articulations

Arché is based on the physical modeling of the behavior of a real bow striking real strings. This allows you to play different articulations through intuitive gestures.


Legato is a technique which smoothly connects several notes without interruptions between them.

-> Move the Bow slowly while playing different notes on the keyboard.

Tip: It’s easier to play legato when you are using the Expression or Hybrid (above the threshold) mode, because in these modes, the sound will sustain even if you stop moving the Bow.


Martelé is a technique where a strong bite is applied at the start of each note.

-> While triggering a note, start with a high bow speed and go slower just after.


Spiccato is atechnique where you bounce the bow on the string.

-> Play a note on your keyboard while moving the Bow very quickly in one direction (apply of short impulse on the parameter). Then release the note at the same time as you stop moving the Bow. In other words, play short notes on your keyboard and rapidly move the Bow in a single move at the same time.


Tremolo is a ‪rapid back-and-forth movement of the bow on the same note.

-> Hold a note on your keyboard and then move the bow parameter rapidly in alternating directions. You don’t need to move the parameter back and forth in huge amounts. A small travel is already suitable to achieve good results and at the same time makes quick movements much easier.

Note: Since you need to move the Bow in both directions to get a tremolo, this bowing technique is only available with Natural and Hybrid (below the threshold) modes.


Vibrato is a controlled oscillation of the pitch. By default, an automatic vibrato is applied, but you can change the speed and the amount of it with two parameters.

-> In order to perform a manual vibrato, send a fast back and forth movement to the pitch bend parameter. If you use a Touché, activate the pitch bend in Lié and then shift the skin quickly in a lateral movement. This is already set up in the 'Manual Vibrato' factory presets.

Tip: It is easier to achieve a manual vibrato with the Expression and Hybrid (above the threshold) modes, because in these modes the sound is sustained regardless of the Bow speed. That way you don’t have to focus on keeping the bow going and playing vibrato at the same time.


Trill is a fast alternation between two adjacent notes. You can play trills by holding a note while alternatively pressing and releasing another note.

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