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1.2 - Slave and Standalone Mode


When using your Touché (SE) connected to its companion app Lié, it will always be in Slave Mode (white LEDs). If Touché (SE) doesn't detect Lié, it will automatically switch to Standalone Mode, working like any other USB MIDI class-compliant device. You need to remove any instance of Lié from your DAW's project to make Touché (SE) enter Standalone Mode.

Slave Mode : Touché (SE) is connected to Lié.
Its LEDs are white. In order to communicate with Lié, the device will send MIDI CC16/17/18/19 for each of the four axes of movement, and CC80/CC81 for stepping through Lié's browser preset list via its preset buttons. Lié will then translate the incoming data to parameter changes in your synthesizer depending on what is set up in the Slot Center of Lié.

Standalone Mode : Touché (SE) is not connected to Lié.
In Standalone Mode, the classic Touché's LEDs will indicate the Hardware Preset that is currently active, based on a color code. Touché will behave as defined in this Hardware Preset (learn more in the Memory View section).

Touché SE's LEDs turn salmon and it will behave as specified in the MIDI Setup.

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  • 05-May-2021