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4. - Connectivity


Power requirements

Touché and Touché SE are both USB powered via a standard USB B port. You can power the device by plugging it to a computer, but also by using a standard USB smartphone charger. 0.5A from your USB port is required to power Touché. For Touché SE, 0.1A is good enough.

Compatible USB hosts

The USB port offers USB MIDI connectivity, meaning that you can both send as well as receive MIDI messages from a USB host that is connected. In most cases, this USB host will be your computer, and it has to be your computer if you want to use our companion app Lié.

Even if you won't be able to take advantage of Lié in this case, Touché and Touché SE will also work with other USB hosts that deliver enough current and accept MIDI class compliant devices on their USB A port. Some examples:

  • a USB MIDI to CV module like Expert Sleepers FH-1
  • a synth like KORG Kronos, that supports external USB MIDI devices
  • an iPad or other tablet (when providing external power via a Y-cable, read more here)

Please note that it is not possible to hook up Touché or Touché SE directly with a synth that only offers a USB B device port. These synths don't act as USB MIDI host.

Compatible cables

In order to connect Touché (SE), we always recommend using the branded USB cable that came with your unit. You could use any suitable USB cable but we strongly recommend to use short USB cables (less than 2 meters), labeled with an identification code that ends with "24/2C", "24AWGX2C" or "AWG24X2C".

USB hubs

It is not recommended to connect Touché or Touché SE via a USB hub, at least not when you are performing a firmware upgrade or want to transmit data to your Touché (SE), e.g. in MIDI Setup or Memory View. If you have to use an USB hub, prefer an active USB hub with its own power connection over a passive one, to prevent power or data dropouts.

classic Touché only:


Using the adapters

Touché possesses a MIDI IN and a MIDI OUT/Thru port. To use the Touché with an external MIDI device, use the included adapters (5-pin DIN to 1/8” jack) and a standard MIDI cable (separately available).

MIDI Thru functionality

Touché will always forward incoming MIDI data to both USB MIDI as well as the MIDI output. This enables you to connect a MIDI keyboard to the input of Touché and join its notes together with the parameter changes created in realtime on Touché. Both can then be sent to a target device connected to Touché's MIDI output, e.g. a hardware synth rack or desktop synth.


Touché possesses four Control Voltage outputs. You can choose different ranges for the CV outputs, up to -10 / +10V is possible. Learn more in the CV Page section.

Anti Ground Loop Adapter

You are facing a ground loop hum or high pitched noise coming from your speakers when having a sophisticated setup of multiple devices connected (especially when using the CV outputs)?

Try using the anti-ground loop adapter supplied with Touché, in order to separate USB power from USB data. Learn here how it is connected properly: How to use the anti ground loop adapter

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