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iPad compatibility

You can connect Touché (SE) to an iPad with a USB-iPad adapter and control apps that accept being remotely controlled via MIDI CC messages.

Unfortunately, an iPad doesn't deliver enough current so you'll have to power Touché (SE) via an external USB power adapter (just like the one you would use for a smartphone) and use a Y cable to have both power and data running. This Y cable is included when it comes to the "classic" Touché, but is a separate purchase when you own a Touché SE. You can get it here: Ground Loop Adaptor in the EE webshop

Touché (SE) is a class compliant USB MIDI device and will be recognized as such by the iPad. By default, Touché (SE) sends MIDI CCs #16/17/18/19 on its four dimensions of movement, so you will be able to use it as any other MIDI controller. Note that you can customize the MIDI CCs being sent via our companion app Lié. Read more about the standalone capabilities of Touché and Touché SE here.

Important: There is no iPad version of Touché's companion app Lié. Therefore, in order to configure the device in-depth and take advantage of all the sound presets you will need to use the standalone app or the VST/AU plugin on a Mac or PC.

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  • 18-May-2019