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What are the standalone capabilities of Touché SE and Touché?

When your Touché or Touché SE is not communicating with our companion app Lié, it will set itself to standalone mode, meaning that it will act as a class compliant USB MIDI device. As such, it will send MIDI CC messages to its host. Which MIDI CCs are sent can be configured via our companion app Lié before disconnecting your Touché (SE) for standalone usage.

With MIDI CC messages, you could control any parameter in a host device that is accessibla via MIDI CCs. You could control:

  •     hardware synthesizers
  •     modules
  •     an app on your iPad
  •     plug-ins that don't support host automation, but only MIDI CC automation (e.g. some Kontakt libraries)
  •     all kinds of control elements in your DAW's user interface.

Basically, both Touché and Touché SE are able to function as standalone USB MIDI class compliant devices. But the 'classic' Touché offers far more features and flexibility in this case:

Touché's standalone capabilities

  • Can send up to 8 MIDI CCs via USB MIDI and MIDI, all customizable in their dynamic curve, min/max values and mapping to the different dimensions of movement on Touché (top, bottom, left, right). On top of this, you can activate/deactivate pitch bend messages being sent when using the lateral axes of movement.

  • Can send 4 separate control voltages out of its 4 CV outputs, customizable in the same way as the MIDI slots.

  • Has 24 internal memory slots, each containing a configuration of the possible settings mentioned above. To configure and use these presets, just create or edit a hardware preset in Lié and transfer it to the internal memory of Touché via Menu -> Memory View.

Learn more about how to create hardware presets and transfer them into Touché in this official tutorial video.

Touché SE's standalone capabilities

  • Can only send up to 4 MIDI CCs via USB MIDI, customizable in the same detail as with Touché. On top of this, you can activate/deactivate pitch bend messages being sent when using the lateral axes of movement.
  • Doesn't feature CV functionality
  • Has only 1 internal memory slot for standalone use, containing the configuration of the settings above. To adapt this single configuration memory to your needs, use the companion app Lié and head to Menu -> MIDI Setup.
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  • 16-Oct-2020