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9. - MIDI Setup (Touché SE only)

The MIDI Setup allows you to customize the MIDI messages sent by Touché SE when it is in Standalone Mode (not connected to Lié, salmon LEDs). Click on the Menu -> Touché SE -> MIDI Setup to open it. Lié will request the current configuration from your Touché SE and display it:

The configuration you see is a stripped down version of the possibilities you have with a Hardware Preset when using the classic Touché.

Like in a Plug-in Preset, you will be able to assign an axis, set min/max values and adjust the sensitivity curve of each Slot in detail. You can choose which MIDI CC parameter is sent by a Slot via selecting it from a dropdown list above each Slot.

Also, you can activate or deactivate the Pitch Bend Button in the toolbar and select the MIDI channel that Touché SE will send on when being in Standalone mode.

When you’re happy with your configuration, click on "SAVE SETUP" to transfer the settings to the device.

Important: The configuration you set in MIDI Setup will only take effect when Touché SE doesn't recognize Lié anymore. For this, close the Lié application or delete the Lié plug-in from the project in your DAW. The LEDs on Touché SE will turn salmon, indicating that it is in USB MIDI class compliant Standalone Mode.

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  • 29-Jul-2020