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1. - What is Lié?
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Touché (SE)'s companion app

Lié is the companion app of Touché and Touché SE. It works as a standalone application or as a plug-in in your favourite DAW. Lié defines how the parameters in your synthesizers are modulated when applying pressure to one of the axes of movement on Touché (SE). Each preset in Lié can contains settings for up to 8 parameters (plus pitch bending) that are controlled via MIDI at the same time. In case of the classic Touché, you have 4 control voltage outputs on top of that.

Lié offers a simple workflow and advanced features like fully editable sensitivity curves, min/max values and speed mapping. Its tag-based browser lets you easily dial up and save all your synth sounds incl. the mapping needed for intuitive realtime control via your Touché (SE).

Hosting VST software instrument plug-ins

Lié itself doesn't have a sound engine. Instead, it acts as a host for all kinds of VST instrument plug-ins, which can be loaded inside the Lié shell. To get you started immediately, Lié comes with over 250 custom-made factory sounds that rely on the powerful UVI Falcon engine, which runs in the free UVI Workstation, bundled with Lié. If you own third party software synths, we have more than 250 free presets for popular titles available on our website. These can be downloaded separately from your customer account after registering your Touché (SE).

It is also very easy to create your own mappings for Touché (SE) within Lié, giving new life to all your favourite VST software synthesizers.


Classic Touché only:

Setting up Touché for controlling hardware synthesizers

If you own the classic Touché, Lié also enables you to set up your Touché for controlling your hardware synthesizers. You can take advantage of over 250 Hardware Presets that we made for a collection of popular hardware synths. These presets will even dial up the right factory sound in your synth with a MIDI Program Change, and then send MIDI CCs to impressively change the factory sound's parameters when you play on Touché.

Even if there is no preset for your particular synth, there are Hardware Templates for 80 hardware synths installed with Lié. Instead of having to work your way through the synth's manual, these will make sure that you get shown the real parameter names of your synth already inside Lié, so you can start tweaking immediately.

Lié also grants access to configuring the 4 control voltage outputs of Touché in detail.

With Lié, you can save up to 24 hardware presets directly into Touché. After this, you can use Touché as a standalone device, powered via a standard USB power supply.

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