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Step 2a: Installing Lié on a Windows 10 PC

Video Tutorial explaining the installation (begins at 2:34)


The Windows installer of Lié will install our companion app Lié including all factory sounds, as well as 'UVI Workstation' including the 'PACE License Support' that UVI requires for licensing purposes.

  1. Double-click on the *.exe installer file.
  2. Click 'Next' when you get shown the Welcome screen. Click 'I Agree' to accept our license agreement just after.

  3. Choose which components to install. It is recommended to leave all boxes checked.
    • If you own a Touché SE (Software Edition), not the classic Touché, you may deactivate 'Hardware Presets', since you wouldn't be able to use them anyway.
    • If you already have UVI Workstation installed on your PC, you could deactivate its entry. You still need the 'Factory Sounds for UVI' though, if you want to play the factory presets.
    • If you own UVI Falcon, you can deactivate 'UVI Workstation' and the 'Factory Presets', but you still need to install the 'Factory Sound Content (*.ufs)'. You can download a specific UVI Falcon version of the factory presets after the fact.
  4. Choose the destination folder for Lié's standalone application and click 'Next'. Please note that the installation routine will always create a subfolder named "Lie" inside the folder that you choose.

  5. Choose the folder where Lié's DLL-file shall be placed. It is the VST plug-in of Lié. Leave the setting as it is, or choose the directory which you use for all your other 64-bit VST Plug-ins, to ensure that your DAW will recognize Lié easily.

  6. Click on 'Install' to start the installation procedure.
  7. During the Lié installation process, the routine will automatically proceed to the installation of UVI Workstation. UVI Workstation is the software synth that all of Touché (SE)'s factory sounds are based upon. Click 'Next' when you get shown the Welcome screen and accept the license agreement by UVI.

  8. Select the destination where you want to install UVI Workstation and hit 'Next'.

  9. Select the folder where you want the UVI Workstation VST *.dll file to be installed in. If you change the default folder (C:\Program Files\Vstplugins), you will have to manually tell Lié at a later point in time that it has to look for UVI Workstation in your custom folder.

  10. Select which components you want to install. For the factory sounds of Lié to work, you will only need the VST version, meaning you could deactivate AAX and Standalone options.

  11. Select a Start Menu folder where the shortcuts to UVI Workstation will be placed.

  12. The Ready to Install screen will summarize all decisions you took regarding the installation of UVI Workstation. Click on 'Install' to proceed to the installation.

  13. After the installation of UVI Workstation x64 itself, UVI will also install PACE License Support Win64. Should you already have a newer version of iLok License Manager installed on your PC, then you will get shown a message saying so. Just click on 'OK', you don't need to change anything.

  14. Click on 'Finish' twice to close both UVI Workstation installation routine as well as the Lié installation routine just after. If you want, you could run Lié directly by ticking its box.

You may now proceed to...

Step 3: Connecting Touché (SE) and updating its firmware with Lié Standalone

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  • 10-Aug-2020