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Setting up ROLI instruments for playing MPE Collection sounds

To make sure that the sounds from MPE Collection respond well to your playing on your ROLI instrument, launch ROLI Dashboard and set the Slide Mode to 'Relative Unipolar'.

If you are using a Seaboard RISE, please also adjust the touch strips on the instrument as follows:

  • Glide: 100%
  • Slide: 50%
  • Press: 100%

Additional remark: You may find that some presets react too sensitively to the 'press' dimension, especially when playing a Seboard RISE. This can become obvious when sliding and pressing at the same time. To obtain a better separation of 'press' and 'slide', it makes sense to adapt the curve for 'press' to the value '3' as shown in the picture below.

You can change the sensitivity curve of a mapped parameter by clicking and dragging the value. The default is a linear curve (0), increasing the value makes it less sensitive, negative values will lead to a more sensitive reaction.

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  • 27-Oct-2019