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Which means does Osmose offer to control all my existing synths?

Apart from being a standalone synthesizer with an inbuilt sound engine, Osmose can also be used as an advanced MIDI controller for external software and hardware. As such, Osmose is fully downward compatible. It means that with Osmose, you will be able to control any external synth that you are already able to control from your standard MIDI controller.

However, should you want to take advantage of the innovative control possibilities that are offered by Osmose's Augmented Keyboard Action, then it is important to understand that only a fraction of the software and hardware out there will respond to all of these, at least by default.

Please get in touch with the manufacturer/developer of your specific synth if you want to know for sure which of the external controller modes of Osmose will work in their case:

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) Mode: Only MPE-enabled synths will respond correctly to Osmose sending MPE data. You can continuously use all three expression zones of the A.K.A.(r) to shape the sound in realtime: Polyphonic Initial Pressure, Polyphonic Aftertouch and Polyphonic Pitch Control.

Multi-channel Mode: Multi-channel MIDI is a common workaround that makes a non-MPE synths sound as if it would support MPE. However, you need to do some manual setup to get it working, and editing this MIDI data might not be very comfortable.

Piano Mode: This is the way any standard MIDI controller keyboard behaves and it will work with any synth. Osmose will send a plain note-on message with simple MIDI velocity when you strike a key, and a note-off message when you release it.
In this case, the three expression zones of Osmose’s Augmented Keyboard Action cannot be used to control every note individually, but they still can be used to affect the sound as a whole, compare “What are the advantages that Osmose offers when controlling a synthesizer that doesn’t support MPE?

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  • 12-May-2020