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Fixing problems with updating Touché (SE)'s firmware

Please be aware that Lié only supports macOS 10.11 or higher and Windows 10. Don't try to flash the firmware from a non-compatible device. It won't work and could (at least temporarily) brick your unit.

Recommendations to ensure a successful firmware update

  • Connect Touché (SE) directly to your computer, without a USB hub inbetween.
  • Use our original, branded Expressive E USB cable that comes with the unit.
  • Perform the update from the standalone app of Lié, not from the plug-in version.
  • Make sure that there is no other DAW running in the background that could possibly occupy the USB MIDI connection.
  • When using a desktop Windows PC, prefer a USB port on the rear of your computer (directly on the mainboard). USB ports that are attached as part of some kind of card reader / port extension can sometimes cause problems.


Can't find bootloader 

Your unit's LEDs don't turn pink by themselves when triggering the firmware update from Lié via Menu -> Touché (SE) -> Install firmware?

Close Lié, manually force Touché (SE) into Bootloader Mode via pressing and holding the two Buttons and the Encoder at the same time, while plugging the unit to your computer. All four LEDs on your unit should now turn pink, indicating it is in Bootloader Mode.

Could not connect to the device

If you're using Lié as plugin inside a DAW or if you have a DAW open in the background while trying to perform the firmware update, it might prevent the firmware update from launching in the first place. This is due to your DAW occupying the Bootloader MIDI connection, although this connection needs to be used exclusively by Lié in order to perform the update.

To solve this issue, please head to the MIDI section within the preferences of your DAW and deactivate the inputs & outputs named “TOUCHE_BOOTLOADER” or “TOUCHE_SE_BOOTLOADER”.

Touché not recognized at all

Touché stays in Standalone Mode and the connection indicator stays greyed out although the device is connected? If Lié and Touché (SE) permanently fail to recognize each other, it makes sense to start from scratch by deleting Touché (SE)'s driver entries from your computer altogether. Read this article to learn how it is done:
How can I reinstall the Touché (SE) driver if my unit is not recognized correctly?

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  • 02-Mar-2021