How can I reinstall the Touché (SE) driver if my unit is not recognized correctly?

If your Touché (SE) isn't recognized correctly by your computer, then it might be that an incorrectly installed driver entry is preventing the device from working correctly together with our application or is even blocking it from being used as a class compliant USB MIDI controller.

To make sure you can start from scratch, as if your computer had never had the Touché (SE) connected to it, please follow the steps below.



  • Disconnect Touché (SE)
  • Open the Audio MIDI Setup of macOS and display the MIDI window. If you only get displayed the audio page, you have to click on Window -> MIDI Studio
  • When in MIDI Studio, connect your Touché (SE) again to see which item represents the device. The item should be greyed-out/transparent when not connected, and become solid when you connect.
  • Disconnect your Touché SE and delete the greyed-out item, that you identified as the one which representing the device.
  • Also delete all other Touché-related entries (TOUCHE, TOUCHE_SE, TOUCHE_BOOTLOADER, TOUCHE_SE_BOOTLOADER), should there be any left.
Windows 10:
  • Disconnect Touché (SE)
  • Open the Device Manager
  • Click on View and activate show hidden devices
  • Connect your Touché (SE) again to see which items represent the device.
    • The items should be listed under Software devices and Sound, video and game controllers, featuring "TOUCHE" or "TOUCHE_SE" in the name.
    • Another entry is placed under Ports (COM & LPT), and is just named "USB Serial device (COMxx)".
      The entries we are looking for will be greyed-out/transparent when not connected, and become solid when you connect. Unplug and replug until you identified them all.
      If you can't find the entries in the aforementioned sections, perhaps some entry is marked as unknown inside Other devices and has an exclamation mark symbol on it.
  • Disconnect your Touché SE
  • One after another, right click on the entries you identified to be representing your Touché (SE), and choose 'uninstall'. You could also just hit the 'delete' key when an entry is selected.
Important: After having deleted all the entries, it is recommended to start with forcing your unit into bootloader mode by pressing all three buttons during connecting it to your computer.
Proceed with flashing the firmware to make sure your unit works fine from there on. Please take into account all advice given here:
Fixing problems with updating Touché's firmware
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  • 09-Oct-2019