I can't update Touché's firmware

Firstly, please be aware that Lié only supports macOS 10.10 and later / Windows 10 and later. It is not recommended to try to flash Touché's firmware from a non-compatible device, since this could brick your unit.
You meet the requirements and still face issues trying to update the firmware of your Touché (SE)? Please take into consideration the following advice:
  • perform the firmware upgrade with the standalone app of Lié and make sure that there is no other DAW running in the background that could possibly occupy the USB MIDI connection.
  • connect Touché (SE) directly to your computer, without a USB-hub inbetween.
  • use our original, branded Expressive E USB cable that comes with the unit.
  • when using a desktop Windows PC, prefer a USB port on the rear of your computer (directly on the mainboard). USB ports that are attached as part of some kind of card reader / port extension can sometimes cause problems. 
If you are still not able to update the firmware of Touché, please try to force Touché into "bootloader mode". This is done via pressing and holding the two buttons and the encoder of Touché at the same time, while plugging Touché into your computer. All four LEDs on your unit should turn pink.
The procedure is shown here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/etwjffpz76jece5/Touch%C3%A9_BootloaderMode.mov?dl=0
Then, on your computer, open Lié, head to the menu on the top left, and open the Settings. Click on "Install Firmware", and Touché will start updating its firmware.
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  • 18-May-2019