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Can I create custom MIDI mappings for Touché?

Touché can behave as a standard MIDI controller. By default, each of the 4 dimensions of movement outputs a MIDI Control Change message : CC16, CC17, CC18 and CC19. 

With the classic Touché (not Touché SE) you are able to create multiple custom MIDI presets with Lié and save them in Touché's internal memory. These hardware presets saved in Touché’s internal memory can then be recalled without Lié and even without a computer, with the two buttons of Touché. With Touché SE, you only have on single standalone MIDI setup. Further details are described in the following article: What are the standalone capabilities of Touché SE and Touché?

You can watch this tutorial video for more informations about how to create hardware presets for the classic Touché:

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  • 06-Nov-2019