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Hardware Templates and Pre-Mapped Presets (Touché only)

Note: Hardware presets and templates are only supported by the classic flagship Touché, not by Touché SE (Software Edition).

There are two types of Hardware Presets:

Hardware Templates

If you select a “Template” in Lié's Browser, you will see that in the drop-down list above each of the 8 Slots, the cryptic CC numbers are renamed according to the real names of the parameters from the selected instrument. This way, you won't have to refer to your synth's manual, only to know which CC corresponds to which parameter.

Hardware Template Presets are automatically installed with Lié. A complete list is available at the bottom of this page.

Hardware Pre-Mapped Presets

In addition to the generic, “Template” Hardware Presets, we offer pre-mapped Hardware Presets. These are tailor-made mappings for a specific factory sound in a hardware synth. They cleverly map Touché's axes of movement to parameters that suit the factory sound well. These Presets feature full parameter mapping instead of just CC renaming, making the experience even more plug-and-play. They also give you a good example of the parameters that could be interesting to control with Touché.

When loaded, each of these Hardware Presets sends a MIDI program change to the connected hardware synthesizer, so that its preset matches the preset of Touché. This will only work correctly if you haven't overwritten the relevant memory slot where Touché expects the factory sound.

Hardware Pre-Mapped Presets are available as free, separate downloads inside your Expressive E customer account, once you register your Touché. You can have a look and listen to all available sound packs on our website: Presets for third-party synths on the Expressive E website.

List of Hardware Templates installed with Lié:

  • Alesis AndromedaA6
  • Arturia MatrixBrute
  • Behringer Deepmind12
  • DSI Evolver DSI OB6
  • DSI Pro2
  • DSI Prophet06
  • DSI Prophet08
  • DSI Prophet12
  • DSI ProphetX
  • DSI Rev2
  • DSI Tetra
  • Elektron AnalogFour
  • Elektron AnalogHeat
  • Elektron AnalogRythm
  • Elektron Digitalk
  • Elektron Digitone
  • Hypersynth Xenophone
  • Korg Kronos
  • Korg Kross
  • Korg MicroKorg
  • Korg Minilogue
  • Korg Monologue
  • Korg Prologue
  • Korg VolcaBass
  • Korg VolcaKeys
  • Kurzweil PC3K
  • Kurzweil PC3LE6
  • Meeblip Anode
  • MFB DominionClub
  • Modal 002
  • Modal 008
  • Moog MF105M
  • Moog Minitaur
  • Moog SlimPhatty
  • Moog Sub37
  • Moog SubPhatty
  • Moog Subsequent37
  • Moog Voyager
  • Nord 2X
  • Nord Electro5
  • Nord Lead4
  • Nord LeadA1
  • Nord Piano2
  • Nord Piano3
  • Nord Stage2
  • Nord Stage3
  • Novation BassStation2
  • Novation Circuit
  • Novation Mininova
  • Novation Peak
  • Novation Ultranova
  • OtoMachines BAM
  • OtoMachines BIM
  • OtoMachines Biscuit
  • Roland D-05 Roland D-50
  • Roland Fantom SerieG
  • Roland Integra7
  • Roland JDXA
  • Roland JDXi
  • Roland JP08
  • Roland JP8000
  • Roland JP8080
  • Roland JU06
  • Roland JX03
  • Roland SE02
  • Roland SH01A
  • Roland System1
  • Roland System8
  • Roland TB03
  • Strymon BigSky
  • Strymon TimeLine
  • StudioElectronics ATC1
  • StudioElectronics Omega8
  • StudioElectronics SE1X
  • Twisted ElectronsAY3MKII
  • Waldorf Blofeld
  • Waldorf Pulse2
  • Waldorf Streichfett
  • Yamaha Montage
  • Yamaha MX49
  • Yamaha RefaceCP
  • Yamaha RefaceCS
  • Yamaha RefaceDX
  • Yamaha RefaceYC
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