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Activating the license of your instrument plugin

license activation

Our software is protected by the PACE iLok system. A hardware dongle is not necessary to activate your instrument. We do however recommend creating a free iLok account if you don’t have one already. An iLok account is always needed if you wish to activate the license on more than one computer, including when upgrading to a newer system in the future. 

activating your instrument with the inbuilt activation window 

  1. Launch your DAW. When your DAW recognizes your newly installed plugin for the first time, it will show this activation window. If the popup doesn't show, try opening the plugin by placing it on a new instrument track. Click on ‘Activate’.

    Important: If the window above never shows up on your computer and your DAW seems to freeze or ignore the plug-in, then please leave this article and activate your license with the dedicated application "iLok License Manager" instead -> Activating your instrument plugin with iLok License Manager

  2. Copy the activation code that is listed inside your Expressive E user account and paste it into the activation code entry window to redeem the license.

  3. Just enter your email address or, if you want to redeem the license to your iLok account (highly recommended), tick the box “Register with my existing iLok account”. Click continue and enter your iLok account credentials. If you don’t have an iLok account yet, click ‘Create new account’.


  1. Choose the location for your license activation. If you use an iLok account, then you can activate on up to three locations at the same time. This includes iLok dongle(s) if you wish.


  2. The license is now activated on the location you had selected, and you can start using your instrument plugin.

    To manage your license activations in the future, you will need the application PACE iLok License Manager. This program also allows you to link a license to your iLok account in retrospect, should you only have redeemed the license locally during step 3.


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