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Activating your instrument plugin with iLok License Manager

If the activation window for your new plugin doesn't show up automatically for whatever reason, then your license hasn’t been activated and your instrument plugin won’t be recognized by your DAW. To ensure the correct license activation, you will need to use the dedicated application "iLok License Manager". Please follow the steps below:

  1. Download iLok License Manager from and create a free iLok account if you do not have one yet.
  2. Launch iLok License Manager and log into your iLok account there.

  3. If you have already entered your activation code and redeemed it to your iLok account before, then skip this step and go to step 4. If you never had the chance to enter your activation code before, click on the ‘Redeem activation code’ button in the upper right corner (marked green below).

    It will thus show you the activation window that you didn’t have access to before. Enter your activation code to redeem it to your iLok account.

  4. The license should be listed inside your iLok account now. Select it and choose "Activate" in order to activate it on your local computer or an iLok dongle.

    You have three activations available in parallel, and you can deactivate and activate locations as often as you like.

After successful activation, launch your DAW again and see if the plugin is recognized. If it still doesn't appear, then your DAW had probably added it to its blacklist while it wasn't able to detect its license. Learn how to tell your DAW to reconsider the blacklisted plugin in this article: Force-scan the instrument plugin if it was added to your DAW's blacklist

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  • 29-Dec-2021