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The activation code cannot be used. No redemptions are available.

troubleshooting: no redemptions are available

If you receive this error message, then you are probably trying to activate your license on a second or third computer. However, please be aware that you do not need to enter your activation code again. Redemption of an activation code is only possible and necessary once.

Instead, please use the application “iLok License Manager” to log into the iLok account that contains your license and activate from there. If you only activated the license locally until now, here is how to link your license with an iLok account after the fact:

On the machine on which you already activated the license on:

  1. Create an iLok account on the following website:!registration
    Skip if you already have an iLok account.

  2. Download and install the application iLok License Manager. This enables iLok to verify that you are the owner of the license.!license-manager

  3. Launch iLok License Manager and log into your iLok account.

  4. Find your local license activation and take ownership of it.
    You will find your license when opening your local computer by clicking on it on the left-hand side. The plugin should be displayed as "unregistered", because you haven’t taken ownership of the license yet. To do so, right-click the license and choose “Take ownership”.


  5. Confirm your ownership claim. 

Now that the license is linked to your iLok account, the license can be seen from any computer that you install iLok License Manager on after logging into your iLok account there. Now move to the computer that still lacks the product activation.


On your new machine which still lacks the product activation:

You can either use the inbuilt activation window or iLok License Manager in order to activate the license on your new computer. Follow these instructions: "How can I activate my plugin license on multiple computers?"

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