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How can I deactivate a license from my computer?
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There are multiple reasons why you would want to deactivate a plugin or sound expansion license from one of your locations:


- You plan to abandon / sell the machine and upgrade to a new one.

- You need another free activation because you have already used up all three activation slots.

- You want to return the software within our 30 days period (What is your return policy for software products?).


To deactivate your license from a location, you will need the application "iLok License Manager":


  1. If not present on your computer yet, download and install iLok License Manager from
  2. Launch iLok License Manager and select your local computer from the list on the left side. It's also possible to select an iLok dongle if one is plugged to your computer.
  3. Select the license and choose "Deactivate". You might need to log into your iLok account to complete this step.
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