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What are the specifications of Osmose's power supply?

The original Osmose power supply is 12V, 1.5A center positive (18W). We chose this standard because compatible power supplies are easily sourceable if you don't necessarily need the locking mechanism of the original.

When searching for an alternative, voltage doesn't have to be exact. You can try from 7V til 24V without fear of damage, but you should aim for at least 10W.

The type of connector is commonly called a 2.1mm x 5.5 DC Jack. 2.1mm is the inner diameter and is essential.

The length of the barrel is often found at 9.5mm. Although the official Osmose PSU tip is 10mm, the more common 9.5mm will work fine. Any close length should work (around +/- 2mm).


⚠️ Please ensure not to use a guitar pedal PSU without checking the specs first. They tend to be center negative, which could damage the product.


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  • 14-Feb-2024