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My Osmose is stuck during booting and keeps on restarting

If your Osmose is stuck during the calibration part of the booting process, then the data saved in its flash memory probably got corrupted. You will need to do a factory reset. While this will not affect the user sound presets themselves, unfortunately, the custom sensitivity and playing mode settings you might have saved with those user presets will be lost. The same goes for all arpeggiator presets, the default sensitivity, and the global settings.


To access the factory reset option, you will first need to boot in 'safe mode'. This mode avoids loading the corrupted flash memory.


- Press and hold the first menu button (the one usually opening presets menu) while you switch on Osmose.

- Once the system is booted, press the "m" button (mode button) to access mode selection screen.

- Press the 4th Value Encoder to open global settings ⚙️

- Scroll to hardware tab with the Tab Selector in the upper left.

- Scroll to 'factory reset' with Value Encoder 1 below the screen and push to trigger the reset. Confirm with "yes" (press Value Encoder 4)




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  • 19-Jan-2024