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My Osmose audio output emits high pitched noise or a ground hum when I connect its USB cable

If you are getting noise from Osmose's audio outputs only when connecting the USB cable, then this is noise traveling from your computer (USB host) in a non-ideal environment to the instrument. You can try the following to eliminate it:


- Change the power supply situation of your equipment, e.g. connect your computer and/or your audio interface/mixer to a different power outlet. If the computer is a laptop, try if running on battery changes the situation.

- Use balanced TRS cables instead of unbalanced TS cables with the line outputs of Osmose. The input you connect them to must be a balanced input for this to have an effect.

- Insert a USB ground isolator into the USB connection. These can be cables or adapter boxes and are separately available from third parties. We also offer our own ground loop adapter cable in our webshop. Learn how to connect it here: How to use the anti-ground loop cable (Y cable)

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  • 04-Apr-2024