Installation and activation of your sound expansion

This article and video show the procedure needed to register, activate and install a sound expansion (e.g. Mercury or Helium) for Lié, Touché's companion app.

If you bought a sound expansion for using it with your MPE controller, please read this article instead:  Activation and installation of your MPE sound expansion.

Step 1: Registering your sound expansion on the Expressive E website

Important: If you ordered your serial directly from our web shop, then your activation code will already be visible inside 'My Downloads and Serials'. You can proceed with Step 2.

  1. Login to your account on and  go to Product Registration.
  2. Enter your Activation Code:

  3. Link the license to your existent iLok account or create a new one, then click on Continue below. 

Step 2: Redeeming your license to your iLok account

  1. Find your new sound expansion in the 'My Downloads and Serials' section in your Expressive E account.
  2. Click on the AUTHORIZE button next to it.
  3. Assign your license to your iLok account:

    If you don't have one yet, please create a new iLok account on The procedure is shown in the video at the beginning of this article. Once you have your account, return to the Authorize page and choose 'I already have an iLok Account'.
  4. The license will now be redeemed to your iLok account.

Step 3: Authorizing your license with iLok License Manager

Step 3.1. Installing iLok License Manager

If you are Windows, iLok License Manager will already be installed on your machine, since it is part of the Lié UVI Workstation installer. Skip this step then.

  1. Go on!license-manager to download iLok License Manager.
  2. Install it on your computer.

Step 3.2: Activating your license on your machine with iLok License Manager

  1. Launch iLok License Manager, click on ‘’Sign In’’ and enter the ID and password you created before.

  2. Once connected, click on Expressive E - Mercury/Helium to select it and on ‘’Show Details’’ on the bottom right corner of ilok License Manager. Click on 'Activate' to activate your license.

Step 4: Downloading and extracting the installers of your expansion

You will find the download links to your new soundbank under 'My Downloads and Serials' inside your Expressive E customer account.

Step 5: Installing the content & installing the presets

Don't forget to install both the content for UVI Workstation, as well as the Lié presets. These are available as two installers contained in the zip file you downloaded.

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  • 22-Oct-2019