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Activation and installation of your MPE sound expansion

This article describes how to activate and install Expressive E sound expansions for your MPE-compatible instrument or MPE-compatible controller. Please be aware that Touché and Touché SE are not MPE-compatible. The procedure of installing a sound expansion for Touché users is explained here: Installation and Activation of your Touché sound expansion

1. Installation of UVI Workstation

All 3 titles of the MPE Collection are delivered as so-called UVI SoundBanks in *.ufs format. To play them, they need to be loaded inside UVI Workstation, which is a free synth player by soft synth developer UVI.

UVI Workstation is not included in the download of our sound expansion, so before proceeding, please download and install UVI Workstation if you don't have it installed on your computer yet.

The installer of UVI Workstation will also include PACE iLok License Manager, which will be necessary to activate the license of your sound expansion in the next step.

2. Redeeming your sound expansion’s license

  1. Log into your Expressive E account:

  2. Navigate to the section ‘My Downloads & Serials’ and find the sound expansion you purchased. Click on the button named 'Authorize'.

  3. You can now redeem the license to your iLok account, just by entering your iLok User ID. If you don’t have an iLok account, you will need to create a new one.

3. Activation of your sound expansion's license on your computer

  1. Launch ‘iLok License Manager’ (it was installed with UVI Workstation) and log into your iLok account.

  2. If redeemed successfully, you will find the license for your new sound expansion inside your iLok account. Double-click it and select ‘activate’. You can then activate the license locally on your computer and/or on your iLok dongle if you have one. There are 3 activations possible at the same time.

4. Download of your sound expansion

In your customer account, under ‘My Downloads & Serials’, you will also find the download links for your sound expansion. Choose the link that suits your operating system to download the installer.

5. Installation of your MPE sound expansion

Extract the *.zip file that you downloaded.

a) If you bought the whole MPE Collection, just launch the installer called 'MPE Collection.exe' or 'MPE Collection.pkg' and follow the on-screen instructions.

b) If you bought Mercury or Helium as a single title, you will find two folders inside. This is because these expansions are offered both as MPE and non-MPE version. Only launch the installer with 'MPE' in the title and follow the on-screen instructions.

c) If you bought Patchwork MPE as a single title, you will find a single folder after extraction. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

6. Dial up the new sounds in UVI Workstation

  1. Launch UVI Workstation as standalone application or as a plug-in inside your DAW.

  2. Double-click on the preset field to open the browser and find ‘Soundbanks’ in the column on the left side.


  3. Choose Helium MPE, Mercury MPE, Patchwork or Carbon, then select a preset. You will now get shown the preset's interface where you can map the 2 sound layers to different gestures on your MPE controller, and shape the sound with 6 macro knobs.

If using ROLI instruments, make sure to follow the additional guidelines in this article.

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  • 29-Dec-2021