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6. - Replacing the Touch-Plate and Cylinders


The Touch-Plate at the top of Touché (SE) is conceived to give you a great, smooth instrumental touch. This skin is magnetized in order to be removed and locked easily, giving easy access to the Cylinder and the Slider underneath.

Be careful when replacing it, it must be put in the right position: The Cylinder must face the two little plastic parts, otherwise the Touch-Plate won't be properly magnetized.


The top and bottom axes use cylinders to offer Touché (SE)'s pressure feedback.

The one responsible for the bottom pressure axis is located just beneath the Touch-Plate, the one responsible for the top pressure axis can be found attached to a little trapdoor on the bottom of the unit.

Both cylinders can be removed from their support by sliding them out of their rail. Do not try to take them off directly by pulling them vertically, or you might irreversibly damage them.

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  • 24-Jun-2019