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3. - Buttons, Encoder and LEDs

3.1 - Buttons

In Slave Mode, You can use the right and left buttons to navigate through Lié’s presets. For this, the Buttons send the following CCs:

•    Left : CC80
•    Right : CC81

Pressing and holding both left and right buttons until the LEDs start blinking will re-calibrate Touché SE.

3.2 - Encoder

In both Slave and Standalone Mode, the Encoder allows you to define the sensitivity scaling of the vertical top and bottom axes of Touché (SE). Learn more about this in the following article: Adjusting the mechanism's sensitivity.

The Encoder also gives you a special feature called Freeze Mode:
Pushing the Encoder will freeze the data sent from the four axes. Its four LEDs are pulsating when the unit is frozen. Even if you release your hand from Touché (SE) all the way, it will still maintain the controlled parameters at the frozen value. Pushing the Encoder again will unfreeze the unit.

In the same way, push the encoder for 2 seconds to put Touché SE into Sleep Mode. No LEDs will shine and you’ll just need to push one of the buttons to wake Touché (SE) up again. Sleep Mode enables you to switch off your Touché SE without having to unplug it.

3.3 - LEDs

Both Touché and Touché SE share four LEDs that give you a visual feedback on different aspects:

•    White LEDs show the sensitivity scaling set for the vertical pressure sensors. Slave Mode always displays sensitivity. Standalone Mode on the classic Touché displays sensitivity only when the Encoder is being turned.

•    Salmon LEDs indicate the sensitivity scaling set for the vertical pressure sensors when Touché SE is in Standalone Mode (not recognizing Lié). This colour only shows on the SE version.

•    Pink LEDs display the Bootloader Mode: Touché is installing or waiting for a new firmware.

•    Pulsating LEDs indicate that Touché (SE) is frozen: A short click on the Encoder will freeze the data sent from the four axes. There will be no parameter change until you unfreeze Touché (SE) via pushing the Encoder again.

•    Fast blinking white LEDs for a short period of time confirms the re-calibration of Touché.

•    No shining LEDs (although Touché is connected to a power source) indicate that the Touché is in Sleep Mode. You’ll just need to push one of the buttons to switch Touché (SE) back on.

classic Touché only:

•    Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Purple LEDs display the different banks when Touché is in Standalone Mode. The preset’s number matches the amount of LEDs lit.

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