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Creating a new Plug-in Preset
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1. Click on “New Plugin Preset” in the Menu and select an instrument from the list.

2. Click on the Instrument View button to display the interface of the VST instrument and dial up a sound of your choice.

3. Activate the Speedmapping function and, one after another, click on up to eight parameters within the instrument to make them available for mapping inside the Slot Center. Once you have touched all parameters, click Speedmapping again. More details about the speedmapping workflow are available here: Instrument View.

4. Close Instrument View to get back to the Slot Center. You will see that the parameter names appeared above the Slots. You could also choose the parameters you wish to control by selecting them from the drop-down list above a Slot.

5. Assign the chosen parameter to one of the four axes of Touché by clicking the visual representation of this axis inside the respective Slot. Top and Bottom exclude one another, but it is possible to activate both Left and Right in order to control one parameter with the whole travel of the sideways movement.

6. Play with your newly created preset, and adjust the min/max values and sensitivity curve of each Slot to achieve a result that feels useful and natural to you. Read more about this in the Slot Center section.

7. Once you’re happy with your sound, you can save your new preset by clicking on “SAVE AS PRESET” in the Menu. You can also activate tags for it, in order to find it more easily in the future.




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