Creating a new Plug-in Preset

1.    Click on “NEW PLUGIN PRESET” in the Menu

2.    Select your Plugin from the dropdown list in the upper right corner of Lié.

3.    For one or several of the 8 Slots, choose the parameter you wish to control either by selecting it in the drop-down list above the chosen Slot...

4.    Or by clicking on the eye symbol in the Toolbar to dial up Instrument View and use our mapping features. Learn more about mapping here: Slot Center when using Plug-in Presets

5.    Assign the chosen parameter to one of the four axes for each Slot you wish to use. Click on the axis inside the Slot to enable it.

6.    Play with your newly created preset, and adjust the min/max values and Curve of each Slot if needed.

Once you’re happy with your sound, you can save your new preset by clicking on “SAVE AS PRESET” in the Menu.

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  • 18-Sep-2019