Setting up Arché in Lié

Please make sure that you are Lié version 1.2.10 or higher. This version is required for Arché to work inside Lié. You can check the version by clicking on the "E" symbol in the upper right corner of the Lié Browser. The up-to-date version of Lié is available for download in your customer account.

Scanning Arché in Lié

When you open Lié for the first time after the installation of Arché, you will have to perform a plug-in scan in order to detect your new plug-in(s). It is recommended to do this from the standalone Lié application. Please follow the steps below:

Troubleshooting: Arché red-listed in Lié

If Arché appears in red colour, it probably has something to do with Arché's license not being activated correctly.

First, please always download and install the latest version of iLok License Manager from If the program is already installed, then the most comfortable way to update it, is to launch iLok License Manager and go to Help -> Check for application updates...

Perhaps you never got displayed the plug-in activation routine of Arché as mentioned in Registering and activating your Arché license? Then please use the following workaround to ensure a correct license activation: Activating Arché with iLok License Manager.

Once the update and/or activation has been completed, please select the red Arche entry in the Plug-In Folder and click on Options -> 'Force-scan selected plug-in from list'.

Using Arché presets in Lié

To offer a plug & play experience with Touché (SE), several presets were automatically added to your Lié browser during the installation of Arché. Once you’ve confirmed that your Arché plug-in is listed in the Plug-in Folder list of Lié, you can recall the tailor-made Arché presets as shown below:

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  • 30-Dec-2019