How to install optional software preset packs for third party VST instruments

This article explains how to install free optional plug-in presets we offer for third party VST instruments. Please note that in order to use these presets, you will have to own the respective plug-ins. Also, Lié must have scanned the plug-in properly, meaning it has to be available in Lié's Instrument selection dropdown list for hosted plug-ins.

To install an optional software preset pack:

  1. Log into your Expressive E customer account and click on 'My Downloads and Serials'
  2. Scroll down to 'Software Presets' and find the download button for the preset pack you are interested in. Download the zip-file.
  3. Extract the zip-file. You will find an *.exe file for Windows users and a *.pkg for Mac users.
  4. Launch the installer that fits to your operating system and follow the instructions on-screen.
  5. The presets will now be available in Lié's browser. Filter by Instrument to easily find them.

Attention: If you had Lié open during installation of additional presets, you will either have to relaunch Lié or you have to manually refresh the preset list via Menu -> Settings -> 'Refresh the preset list'.

Additional info:
The installer will place the presets in Lié's preset folder, where all presets in Lié's browser are available as individual *.tem files. You can find the location of this folder easily via opening Lié and clicking on Menu -> Settings -> Open the preset folder.

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  • 12-Jun-2019