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How to install optional software preset packs for third party VST instruments
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This article explains how to install free optional plug-in presets that we offer for third party VST instruments.


  1. Please note that in order to use our free presets, you have to own the respective third-party plug-in. Lié does not include any license for a third-party synth except for the free UVI Workstation.
  2. If the third-party plug-in is a new purchase of yours, and it was installed after you installed Lié, then you will need to trigger a new plug-in scan within Lié. Otherwise, your new synth won't be available in Lié's dropdown list for hosted plug-ins, and the presets made for it can't be loaded. The plug-in scanning procedure is explained here: Scanning your VST plug-ins inside Lié Standalone

Download of the preset pack

  1. Log into your Expressive E customer account and click on 'My Downloads and Serials'
  2. Scroll down to 'Software Presets' and find the download button for the preset pack you are interested in. Download the *.zip-file.

Moving the presets to the right folder

  1. Extract the *.zip file. It contains a folder which is named after the synth the presets were made for.
  2. Open the preset directory that is scanned by Lié. The easiest way to open this folder is by launching Lié and going to Menu -> Preset Library -> 'Open preset folder'. Finder or Explorer will open, showing the main preset folder. Open the 'Presets' folder and open its subfolder 'Software Presets'. If it doesn't exist yet, create a new subfolder named 'Software Presets'.
  3. Move the folder that you extracted before into this 'Software Presets' folder. Just to doublecheck, on a Mac, the complete path should read
    Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Presets/ExpressiveE/Lie/Presets/Software Presets/*nameofsynth*
    On a PC, it will be
    This PC\Documents\ExpressiveE\Lie\Presets\Software Presets\*nameofsynth*

Refreshing the preset list in Lié

  1. In Lié, click on Menu -> Preset Library -> 'Refresh preset list'. Alternatively, you could also just relaunch Lié. The preset base is scanned upon each startup.
  2. The presets will now be available in Lié's browser. Filter by Instrument to easily find them. Double-click on a preset to open it.

Notice: All presets in Lié's browser are available as individual *.tem files in the preset folder you had accessed with Finder or Explorer before. It actually doesn't matter which subfolder of the main preset folder a preset file is placed in, it will be scanned in any case. Using a structure of subfolders will however help you keeping an overview, should you want to delete presets in the future.


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