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What’s the advantage of the Augmented Keyboard Action® in Osmose when comparing it to a standard keybed?

With most standard keybeds, you trigger a note with a certain velocity. After this, you have no control over how the sound develops except for ending the note by releasing the key. You have to rely on external performance controls like a pitch bend or modulation wheel, a cutoff knob or an expression pedal, if you want to make your performance sound less static.

With A.K.A.®, you can shape the sound continuously from its beginning to its end, and you do all this directly on the keys. The patented mechanism offers a natural haptic feedback that is much more satisfying and intuitive to use than the external performance controls mentioned above.

Also, sound parameters that were formerly identical for each note in a sound preset, for example how fast the attack is, how fast the filter opens, how fast the LFO goes and how deeply it modulates the sound, are now controllable directly from your fingertips.

This allows for the creation of incredibly organic and natural sounding performances, that resemble the expressivity that players of acoustic instruments have when playing e.g. a violin, a saxophone, or a guitar.

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  • 09-Feb-2020