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Completing the Touché firmware change when upgrading to Lié 1.5.0+ for the first time

With the release of Lié 1.5.0, we reworked larger parts of Touché's firmware to improve the communication between your computer and your Touché / Touché SE. After having performed the necessary firmware update, it is sometimes required to take additional steps in order to have the correct name of your Touché displayed in macOS's Audio MIDI Settings.


Under macOS, you may need to initialize the MIDI devices listed in macOS’s Audio MIDI Setup before your newly updated Touché will be recognized with its correct product name. This procedure is quickly done and doesn’t cause any harm to your setup. Here is how it’s done:

  1. Make sure that there is currently no DAW or other music software running that could possibly occupy the USB connection.
  2. Open the ‘Audio MIDI Setup’ of macOS and display the MIDI window. If you only get displayed the audio page, you have to click on Window -> MIDI Studio.
  3. Disconnect Touché / Touché SE or put your unit to Sleep Mode by pressing its Encoder for 2 seconds.
  4. Disconnect all other MIDI devices as well. Since there is no MIDI device connected anymore, all items in the MIDI window should be greyed-out now.
  5. Delete all your MIDI devices by selecting them and clicking on (-), until you end up with a void panel.
  6. Replug your Touché. Depending on your model, it should appear as “Touché” or “Touché SE”. If your unit appears as “Generic MIDI USB” instead, unplug it, delete the false entry and replug it. Repeat this operation until the correct name appears.
  7. Replug all other MIDI devices.

You can now open Lié as a plug-in in your DAW or as standalone application. Your Touché or Touché SE will go to Slave mode with their LEDs being white, and the connection indicator above the Scope in Lié will confirm that the connection has been established.

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  • 22-Jun-2020