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Osmose's current state of development

After having mastered the challenge of organising the whole prototyping phase from a distance due to COVID-19, the conception phase of Osmose is completed since end of September 2020.

We hoped that the situation would start to normalize, but due to the renewed lockdown in France and the borders remaining closed, we are still not able to send our engineers to oversee the industrial production at the factory in Shanghai. We therefore took the decision to set up a mirrored parallel production line locally in France. While production of the units will still take place at our industrial partner exclusively, the mirrored production line in France will allow us to remotely oversee and manage all the quality-control processes in really good conditions despite the circumstances.

This decision however has the consequence of further offsetting the delivery of Osmose. While we anticipated delivering Osmose for the end of the year 2020, it is with great regrets that we need to postpone the release.

We still need some time to work on the industrial implementation and quality tests to consolidate a final time frame. Our team is working on all fronts, doing their best to progress as quickly as possible, without taking any risks. We are close to the finish line and the hardest part is behind us.

We are looking forward to sending more information to our early supporters in early 2021.

This article will be updated whenever there are news. (current state: Nov 23rd 2020)

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