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What happens after I have paid the remainder for Osmose?

After having paid the remainder of your Osmose reservation, the red reservation banner inside your account will tell you that your purchase has been completed. From there on, the details of your order will be visible inside the section "order history & details".

Your order will go through the following statuses:

  • consolidating: your order was paid, but we are still waiting for your instrument to become available in the warehouse after the final quality check.
  • (on hold (paid): you have asked us not to ship your order before a certain date)
  • payment accepted: your order was paid, and your instrument is ready. Your order details will be transferred to the warehouse automatically shortly afterward.
  • information transferred to shipper / shipping label created: your order has been transmitted to our warehouse partner and is pending to be shipped. Since the shipper has limited per-day bandwidth, your order may remain on these statuses for a few days.
  • shipped: your order has been shipped. Click on the order reference inside the "order history & details" section and find the tracking number at the bottom of the page. You should also receive emails from FedEx/TNT (French warehouse) or UPS (US warehouse).
  • delivered: your order has been delivered.





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