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I have a reservation for Osmose but I am not receiving any of your Osmose newsletters

If you have a valid Osmose reservation but have never received any of our Osmose mailings that share information about the progress of the project despite having checked your spam folder, then kindly open a support ticket in category 'General Inquiry' here and let us know your account name (email address you reserved your Osmose with) and we will look into this.

Most of the times, this will be due to you having unsubscribed from a general Expressive E newsletter in the past. This decision will block our mailing system from sending you any mailings even if you have a valid reservation for Osmose.

To fix it, we would need to add you manually in order to override the data protection imposed by the mailing service we use. You will then receive a new corfirmation prompt via mail that you can accept. Also, we will send you direct links to past issues of the newsletter.

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  • 11-Jan-2021