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Lowpass Filter

The lowpass filter module follows directly after the resonator section in the signal path. To offer you a familiar tool for sound design, the filter was carefully modeled after a famous hardware analog synthesizer from the 80ies, known for its rich, brassy sound.

Noisy’s lowpass filter module is a simplified interface that indeed controls three different lowpass filters at once, one for each resonator’s output.

  1. on/off switch

Turn the filter section on, or just bypass it. 

  1. keytracked cutoff

The keytracked cutoff knob gives you simultaneous control of the 3 different lowpass filters. Each filter has its minimum cutoff value set to the reference pitch note determined by its harmonizer section, a procedure known as ‘keytracking’. The maximum cutoff value is set to 20kHz for each filter.

Turning the key tracked cutoff knob will shift the cutoff frequency of all 3 filters in parallel.

  1. filter q

The resonance knob adds a peak volume around the cutoff frequencies of the filters.

  1. modulation panel

This modulation panel will affect the keytracked cutoff frequency of the filter. To learn how to use it, please refer to the section about modulation panels.

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  • 22-Apr-2021