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Force-scan your instrument plugin if it was added to your DAW’s blacklist

It is possible that your instrument plugin has been blacklisted by your DAW when attempting to check its license without success. Noisy might then not show up in your DAW until you reactivate/force-scan it manually. To learn how to reset the blacklist of your DAW, please refer to your DAW’s manual. Find some examples below:

  • In Ableton Live, go to Preferences -> Plug-ins. Hold the ‘Alt’ key while clicking on the ‘Scan’ button.
  • In Logic Pro, choose ‘Reset & Rescan Selection’ after selecting the entry in its Plug-in Manager.
  • In Cubase, select the entry in the blacklist tab of Plugin Manager and choose ‘Reactivate’ or click the refresh button with the circling arrows.
  • In FL Studio, go to Options -> Manage plugins. Activate "Rescan plugins with errors" within the Scan Options, then click "Find more plugins".
  • In Reason, go to Windows -> Manage plugins. Choose the entry and select ‘enable’. Relaunch Reason after this.
  • In Bitwig Studio, go to Settings -> Plug-ins -> ‘Show plug-in errors’. Choose ‘Rescan all’ in the window that pops up to give it another try.
  • In Studio One, go to Options -> Locations -> VST Plug-Ins and click on ‘Reset Blocklist’. Make sure ‘Scan at startup’ is activated. Relaunch Studio One after this.
  • In Reaper, go to Preferences -> Plug-ins -> VST and click on ‘Clear cache/re-scan’.
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  • 03-Feb-2022