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What condition are your refurbished products in?

All our refurbished hardware products are fully functional and are sold with the same warranty as new products.

In most cases, products are in near-mint condition. However, some items might show one or several of the following blemishes:


  • damaged product box (stickers and adhesive residue from shipping and RMA handling, other wear-and-tear)
  • slightly used preset buttons (click feel is not as strong compared to a new unit)

Osmose specific:

  • potential marks/scuffs on the following parts: top plate, bottom case, key touch plates, keys, slider caps
  • small impacts and/or injection molding impurities on the bottom case
  • light leaks through the painted rubber buttons
  • broken seal on envelope with quick start guide

Touché (SE) specific:

  • light scratches on the touch plate
  • lightly worn-out soft touch coating of the product shell (classic Touché only)

Due to logistical reasons, we cannot offer a description of the exact unit you will receive when you purchase it.

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  • 07-Feb-2024