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What is your warranty on hardware products?

All our hardware products are sold with a 12-month warranty after the date of purchase. This limited warranty is offered solely to products purchased from an authorized Expressive E reseller.

In the event of a manufacturing defect becoming evident during the warranty period, Expressive E will ensure that the product is repaired or replaced free of charge. A manufacturing defect is defined as a defect in the performance of the product as described and published by Expressive E. A manufacturing defect does not include damage caused by post-purchase transportation, storage, or careless handling, nor damage caused by misuse.

In the case of operational interruption, please always contact our technical support first. This avoids unnecessary returns (it might not be a hardware defect) and it makes the follow-up of your case easier. -> Submit a ticket. Please note that while this warranty is provided by us as a manufacturer, if a replacement is needed, this will normally be organized via the reseller the unit was bought from (who will in turn be compensated by us or one of our distribution partners).

Further legal details are listed in our Terms and Conditions.

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  • 29-Jul-2021