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main control interface

The left side of Osmose is built around an interactive graphic interface that provides access to all onboard parameters. The navigation works via five buttons and six clickable encoders whose functions change depending on the current screen.


  1. MODE Button - allows switching between controlling Sound Engine mode and External MIDI mode, see mode selection screen.

  2. MENU Buttons - access one of the four menus of a mode.

  3. TAB Selector - scrolls through the tabs of a menu. When in Sensitivity or Playing menu, pressing the Tab Selector freezes the settings of the menu to retain them even when switching presets.

  4. PARAMETER Selector - scrolls through parameters inside a tab. When in Playing menu, pressing the Parameter Selector starts or pauses the Arpeggiator or switches Pressure Glide on and off.

  5. VALUE Encoders 1-4 - change the value of the parameter displayed above or scroll through a list of options. Pressing a Value Encoder might perform another special operation depending on the context.

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  • 03-Apr-2024